Celebrities and VIPS require the protection of Armor Cars

Celebrities and VIPS often remain in the public whenever they are traveling or outside. Especially if the celebrity is a very influential person, they need to ensure that they have the best security while traveling. Air transportation is armed with heavy security, multiple cameras, professional guards and other parameters to ensure that all passengers are safe and sound. Ground transportation is one such thing where celebrities need to pay a lot of caution. If you are traveling in very volatile areas, the use of armor cars is recommended.

Ground Transportation mishaps are hard to control as you cannot have 360 degree surveillance everywhere. The best protection you can get multiple cars running around you and your own car being armored. Armored cars are very different from regular cars. The look form the outside will be exactly the same but the internal materials that is being used to arm the car is what makes the difference.

armored cars

Regular cars have normal windows that cannot block any bullets or pellets. The car body is also not heavy enough and gun shots can easily pierce through the armor. Armored cars are made with special materials that can help you safeguard yourself from violent attacks or assaults. The frame of the armored cars is heavier to resist to these shots and you can easily escape the attack.

When armoring any car, all the internal materials is first scraped and additional armored materials are added. Windows of the automobile are also replaced with bullet proof glass that is 7 times thicker than an average glass in a car. The frame is modified in a way that car can withstand the load. In case of heavy armoring, the engine is also modified so that the car can pull the weight of the frame.  Armoring any car can take a long time. Every detail needs to be taken care of with accuracy because armoring can save a person’s life. Light armoring any car can take up to 4 weeks. Heavy modification can also take up to 2 months.

With the increasing crime rate and the advancement in weapons, advancement in armored protection has also increased. The biggest advantage of armoring any car is that looks exactly like a regular car. You can cruise along the highways or the busy streets without giving any indication that the car is modified.

For any VIP or celebrity, traveling without an armored car is taking a big risk on your life especially when you are traveling to an impulsive location or you are seen as a threat to your opponents.  You should get armored protection to ensure that security while traveling on the ground is optimal. You can call any established armored car company and inquire about their vast fleets catering to different kind of protection. You can also inquire about getting your own car armored and how will it impact the overall frame.  With the increase in notorious activities, getting armored protection is the best advice. Call now to get the best ground transportation protection! Read here more on the growing demands of amored cars.